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Early learning experiences are crucial to young children’s development. As a teacher-led organization, Dailies understands this. We design our Pre-K classes to be the perfect environment for your student to take their first steps into the classroom and to prepare them for their impending school career.

Our Pre-K Pod classes are intended for students ages 3 to 5 years old. We design these classes to be a fun and interactive learning experience. Throughout the week, your child will learn about a variety of topics, including:

  • Early literacy skills

  • Foundational counting

  • Social skills

  • Math skills

We offer two different levels of PreK programs. We offer our standard PreK program that is designed for students ages 3-4 years old to support their first interactions with a set curriculum and a group of peers. We have designed these classes to provide the foundational skills that students will build on in the transitional Kindergarten program and beyond.

We also offer a PreK-Bridge program (transitional Kindergarten) that is designed for students ages 4-5 years old. In these classes, we expand on the foundational skills and also integrate in the Kindergarten standards. With early exposure to higher-level skills, we are able to better prepare students for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

By the end of our PreK program (both PreK and PreK Bridge) students are months ahead. With our targeted, small group, personalized, and microlearning approach, students are able to get the academic support they need when they need it; allowing us to go further with the time we have together.

We believe that children learn best in environments that are suited to their specific needs. Thanks to our expertly managed class placement system, we can ensure that your child will learn alongside peers of a similar age, grade level, and learning type.

For more information about our Pre-K Pods, click here.

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