What is DailiesPods?
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DailiesPods are a fun, social, and affordable way to keep your child engaged. In today’s world, traditional learning options are rapidly changing and parents and families are facing more uncertainty than ever before. DailiesPods provides an educational outlet that is flexible, creative, and adaptive. We provide 1 hour of targeted learning, high quality instruction, and social engagement--all in a safe and affordable environment. DailiesPods can supplement your child’s education or act as a smart alternative to traditional classroom learning. We offer a wide spectrum of classes that are inclusive and designed to target your learner’s unique needs.

DailiesPods offers large group classes, small group pod classes, and 1:1 tutoring sessions. Each type of class is designed to support each learner's academic progress.

Curious about what a DailiesPods class looks like? Check out a preview of one of our amazing Pre-K sessions!

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