You don't have to pay anything to use the platform and invite employees. There are two payment options for the most part:

1) Monthly Subscription:

  • Subscribe to any of these tiers and enjoy these discounts:

  • $0-$999/month - 2.5%

  • $1,000-$4,999/month - 5%

  • $5,000-$9,999/month - 7.5%

  • $10,00-$19,999/month - 10%

  • $20,000/month and above? - Talk to sales.

Subscribe to the tiers and you’ll be charged upfront for the minimum on a monthly basis. All of your team’s classes will be discounted accordingly.

2) Employee Coverage

  • You can select to cover a percentage of your team members’ class costs. You can cover 0%, 25%, 50%, even 100% of your employee’s class costs. You can set limits on how much you're willing to cover, i.e. $200/month per person or down to the individual level.

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