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DailiesSchool and Bootcamp Program Permissions and Policies
DailiesSchool and Bootcamp Program Permissions and Policies
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By participating in the DailiesSchool and/or Bootcamp programs you agree to the following permissions:

You agree to have all sessions recorded for later review for all families participating in the in the small group setting of your child's class.

You give Dailies permission to use any part or portion of recordings for marketing purposes.

You understand that if your child misses any classes within the program you will have access to the class recording in place of the missed class time. There will not be opportunities for make up classes.

Due to limited space there will be no refunds for this program, however if at any time you wish to end participation in the program, your payment will be used toward access of the equivalent DailiesPods subscription plan for the duration of the program.

Registration is not complete until payment has been received.

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